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Simple Time

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you own your own small business?
  • Have between 1 and 25 employees working for you? (This is the optimum amount and can be increased)
  • Do you need to see your staff’s overtime?
  • Do you use a mechanical clock card machine?
  • Write out Clock Cards week after week?
  • Do you calculate the time and attendance hours manually?

Then TouchTime is for you.

Simple Time software is aimed at businesses with up to 25 employees

It can handle one hundred, but with limitations.


SIMPLE TIME is ideal for sites that:-

  • Work a day shift only
  • Work a day shift with over time. One shift fits all.
  • Use only TWO clockings a day. (First In – Last Out)

SIMPLE TIME Configures the clocking times as follows:

  • Each day has its own line
  • Lunch time is deducted automatically.
  • All over times goes into the relevant overtime column.


  • 24 hour operations
  • 3 shift cycle, with Complicated rotating shifts, i.e. Day shift, Afternoon shift, Night shift, 6-6Day, 6-6Night, etc.
  • Different pay calculation for working on a public holiday
  • If your company operates in the can’t do section OR you employ between 25 and 50 employees, have a look at TurboTime Lite
  • If you employ more than 50 employees then TurboTime Pro is the software for You.

Clock Card Machines

Whether you have ONE or 1 000 employees, we have a solution for you. Get in touch to find out how Clock Card machines can help you and your business!
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