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TT-210 Date & Time Stamp

Bottlenecks in document and production flow can be very costly.

With the use of the TT – 210 Date & Time stamp these bottleneck can be identified and rectified. Instead of the staff pointing fingers at each other as to who is to blame.

Take the following scenario:

The sales department generate a sales order and stamp the document (16:00 on Tuesday). The document is then passed to stores. Stores pull the relevant stock and stamp the document (11:30 on Thursday). The document is then given to accounts. Accounts then generate the invoice and stamp the document (13:00 on Thursday). Process complete. The bottleneck is obviously with stores and you can now investigate.

The Date & Time Stamp Utilizes standard paper so you can even design or use your existing documents.

Job Costing

Job Costing (or production timing) monitors the exact time each employee spends on each task within each Job.

With TurboTime Job Costing you can now accurately monitor these time thus allowing you quotation process down to a fine art.

e.g. The furniture manufacturer knows exactly how much wood is required to produce a specific dining room table, but doesn’t know the amount of time spent on the individual processes.

Clock Card Machines

Whether you have ONE or 1 000 employees, we have a solution for you. Get in touch to find out how Clock Card machines can help you and your business!
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