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Time and attendance devices

As you have seen by now there are numerous solutions to what could be a complex problem when dealing with staffs Clock Times.

It is always scary when calculating hours worked and the time the employees spent on site is incorrect.

Mechanical Clock Card Machines are primarily aimed at smaller companies, i.e those companies with less than 50 employees. They use cardboard clock cards which are imprinted by the clock with the date and time. Monthly and weekly cards are available.

Biometric Fingerprint devices a fair amount of people never had quality fingerprints which meant that when they clocked their fingerprints would not read properly.  Fingerprint readers have been replaced by no-touch devices, this mainly came about due to COVID-19 and the spread of the disease.

Biometric facial devices.  There are many facial recognition devices available for numerous types of applications,  these range from IP 68 weatherproof units ideally suited for outside installations all the way down to inexpensive indoor facial recognition devices.   What is nice about the (No-touch) devices,  is that if staff do not touch it they can not break it.

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