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A brief history

Fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition have been around for quite a while now, but when Sentri Systems started life more than 30 years ago, top of the technology tree were card readers. 

Time & attendance software packages were imported from the USA, Germany, or Japan and the problem of getting even minor changes made to the software was so frustrating that we made a commitment to either get out of this industry altogether, or develop our own software package (in Delphi) enabling us to make changes according to our customers’ and our own needs and desires when they were required.

Clock Card Machines

Whether you have ONE or 1 000 employees, we have a solution for you. Get in touch to find out how Clock Card machines can help you and your business!

Our goal

To make TurboTime the finest Time & Attendance software package available anywhere in the English speaking world. We challenge you to find T&A software, with 30 years plus hands on “in the field” experience, package that is filled with such powerful tools, 70 plus reports, with monitory breakdown on what it costs to run your business!

Links to Popular
Payroll Packages

TurboTime links to packages like VIP, Pastel, Paywise, Payday, Easy Pay, QED, and the list goes on and on, we even have interfaces to company's custom payroll packages (e.g. Colgate Palmolive).

quick & accurate

With TurboTime, you now have history readily available. Need to know how many days that Paul has taken "IOD" since January 3rd 2010 up to Last night? In less than a minute you have that information.

Increase Productivity

A computerised Time & Attendance system will give you far better control over late arrivals, early departures and absenteeism thereby allowing you to increase your company's productivity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Your company’s productivity and profitability is directly related to: attendance, absenteeism and the tardiness/efficiency of your employees time keeping! TurboTime can help you with that.
We already link TurboTime to a number of Access Control systems. The big boys in the field are Softcon. TurboTime is highly recommended by Softcon. Other serious players that TurboTime links to include: Impro and Control-Soft (Saflec or SACS).

Here are a few of the Payroll packages we link to and because we are the developers of TurboTime, we come highly recommended by VIP.

Package’s include:- VIP, Pastel, Accsys, Payday, PayWise, NuGen, QED, CRS, D-Bit, Dynamique, Pay Administrator, PaySlyp, Paywell, PayPac, NuGen, QED, Spectrum, to mention a few of them on our list.

Even has an ASCII output file and/or a Comma Delimited file is available for SAP Payroll. – (Else P.O.A.)

If you are not on our list? Why not? Send us your payroll specs with sample file and PLEASE tell us if your fields are left justified, zero filled, right justified. We have written some pretty powerful interfaces that include Meal tickets, Taxi Trips and things you would not normally associate with Time & Attendance but some specifications supplied by so called “experts” leave much to be desired.

Specs today, interface tomorrow.

Single user Versus Multi User?

Most companies allow the supervisor to make changes such as authorise late overtime, early overtime, worked through lunch, etc. because they know what is happening on the shopfloor. So instead of writing memos and sending them to the HR department for approval, they can now approve the overtime themselves from a shared PC in the workshop. Supervisors can also check their staff for tardiness, like Arrive Late, Left Early and view any of the various absenteeism such as “Off on a Friday, Injured on Duty, Sick note handed in, A.W.O.L.” etc. They are able to produce various reports at their own pace such as Exceptions, Clocked Times, Overtime, Arrived Late, etc. This removes the frustration of having to walk to HR and disturb someone to ask them for a report. This also allows HR to get on with their work with out constant interruptions.

Network system.

The MSSQL database can be installed on one or more file servers. An individual user may only view, not add or delete employees according to a user name & password issued to HR dept.

The “MSSQL Multi User Manager” program allows any number of “Users” to log into the system simultaneously. The system MSSQL – TurboTime “Administrator” can decide and allocate “User Rights” to individual users before they log in to the TurboTime. They will need to enter their user name and password. The audit trail module records every change made by each “User”.

Each supervisor can only view and edit those employees reporting to them and depending on that “User” level, they can be allocated one or more functions to may allow them to authorise overtime and print reports, etc, but they cannot Add, Edit, Delete, employees, etc. Each user is totally user definable as to what they can and cannot do.

The Multi User version allows you to add as many “User” supervisors as you require on your PC network and each supervisor is allocated a name, password and a set of “User rights” rules (the most number of users is currently thirty).

To “Login” they enter their user name and password and then have access to all the pre defined T&A software features allocated to them.

A list of employees is allocated to each “User” and only those employees on that list can be viewed. Certain “Users” can only print reports, whilst others can approve overtime and nothing else. You can allow another “User” to Add, Edit, Change clocked times, and others can authorise Early overtime, Late Overtime, pay worked Lunch, override Grace times, Insert missing In/Out clockings,  Authorise “Sick Notes” and other Absentee codes such as On Training, IOD, Maternity Leave, Personal Time Off – No Pay, etc.

  • Multi User.

  • Comes with a built in Sick Note module, 30 day set of rules.

  • Has Built-in Family leave module. 3 days a year family leave.

  • Place to show that the employee is terminated & the Date of termination.

  • MSSQL database – Security and speed of MSSQL.

  • Any Unpaid Overtime is marked with a “?” in the edit clocking screen.

  • Unlimited Shifts, Unlimited work cycles. Cost Centres, Departments, etc, etc, etc.

  • There is a built in “Note Pad” in the Master file and Edit clocking screen that allows you to insert relevant information pertaining to that employee. Can copy and paste.

Reports – There are over 70 different reports that come as standard.

Need to email, in PDF format? No problem, instead of a click on Print, click on Email.

How is that for easy?

We have a module that AUTOMATICALLY emails out reports without human intervention. i.e. Every night/Monday, at 2AM, email the Hours Worked to each employee on the list. Or email the Overtime report every Monday @ 9.00 am to the FD,  the Production Director and the Financial Officer.

This helps you keep track of your Overtime costs before they get out of hand. (This should get your thinking)

We are currently writing a report that will calculate what the cost of over time will be in the future (next year!) Based on past history!

i.e. What will my projected overtime be for next month based on the last 3 months Overtime. Allow for an additional [5%] variance, because we have two public holidays next month that we never had in the last 3 months. How’s that for kick ass!

Our latest update includes reports that are automatically generated and emailed to staff as per the scheduler. i.e. email Daily Absenteeism to all the Department heads, send a Weekly Clocked Time Report to all the supervisors, send a Detailed Summery Overtime Report to the Production Director and Financial Director, send an Excessive Lost Time Report to the Human Resources Manager every Monday, etc.
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